Thursday, February 16, 2012

10 Things Thursday

10 questions about Facebook.

1. First, why, oh why, did I fall into temptation and join? It is not a good place for someone who is naturally nosy...I mean, find themselves.
2. What am I supposed to post? Does anyone really care that a kid threw up in my class or that my daughter calls lullabies "luvabies?"
3. What am I supposed to "like?" What if someone posts something sad? Can I "like" that?
4. How can I not confirm friendship? I've taught kindergarten for 7 years. It goes against everything I know to say no when someone asks me to be their friend.
5. Why is it impossible for me to write anything, including a Facebook post, without using proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation? (At least to the best of my ability.) It must be just me because lots of other people don't seem to have that problem.
6. Can I really call someone my friend if I haven't spoken to them in over 10 years? Or ever.
7. Isn't it wrong to find out really important information on Facebook? Seems to me it is.
8. When someone is on chat, do they really want to chat? Because I'm not so good at chatting in real life so I'm probably not good at it online either.
9. Do I get free stuff if I "like" a product or business? Because if I get free stuff, there's lots of things I "like."
10. Where does Mark Zuckerberg get all his money? It's free to be on Facebook. There really aren't that many ads that I've seen. The aps that I've seen so far are free. I'm confused by how he can be so rich. But since joining Facebook, I'm obviously confused by many things.


Alyson said...

I open up Facebook in the morning and just leave the window open in my computer all day so I can check in from time to time, so it probably says I'm available for chat all day. I'm not. I hate chatting. I mean, if you need to ask me a question, great. But just "how's it going?" kind of chatting.... no thanks.

Katrina said...

1. You love it. You know it.
2. I care! We all care.
4. Ditto.
5. Ditto.
7. Nope, it's not wrong to find out important stuff on facebook. If it wasn't for facebook, I wouldn't know anything about anybody!

Ada said...

1. I made this rule for myself...if you aren't going to post then delete your facebook. Stop cyber stalking people. It's weird.
2. I love it.
3. I dislike. With a sad face.
4. I always confirm...sometimes I clean house. The girls like to do this after a glass/bottle of wine.
5. The pressure is on if you are a teacher. It is a must.
6. Yes. Obviously
8. Turn off your chat immediately. You will thank me. If you don't turn it off and you get stuck in a "chat" with someone you will wish you had listened to the little sister.
9. No?
10. It's a mystery. Just like why some people get eguts and post things they would never say to your face. Be wary of them. Online and in real life too.

I'm glad you are actually makes me really happy.

Franki said...

I am happy you are on too. Since I started my new job I have NO time for anything else but we do use facebook alot to contact clients so even though I can only read your blog once in a while I can see you on FB everday!! Thinking next summer we might come to Idaho on our bike to see you all! Love ya

Allison said...

I think there are 2 different approaches to Facebook. I take the very conservative approach and Patrick takes the very liberal approach if I am able to use those terms.

I currently have 145 friends and I think that is about 45 to many. I am "bad" in some peoples minds. I do not confirm most friend request and I actually delete friends occasionally. However I sometimes also share personal information that I don't need the whole world to know. Patrick on the other hand had 772 friends and will be friends with everyone and posts very little personal info. I am an introvert by nature and he is an extrovert.

You just have to decide which type of FBer you are and stick to it. I will be watching to see if you delete