Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Twinkle, Twinkle

There are several reasons why living thirty minutes out of town doesn't make sense for our family. We drive two different cars into town at least once a day. Work, school, and church are all in town. Most of our family and friends live in town. But then, every once in a while, a moment happens when I am so glad to live where we live.

I had one of those moments last night. I walked out on the porch to shake out a tablecloth and looked up. The sky was dark and clear and the moon and stars were shining brightly. I have always loved the fact that we can see the stars so well from our front yard. It's one of my favorite parts about living out in the country. But last night it just struck me in a different way. I stood on the porch, in the cool breeze, thanking God for his amazing creation and for making me a part, although a tiny part, of his world. Although looking up at the galaxy made me feel so very small, I smiled because the spirit reminded me that God loves the tiny dot that is me.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I remember loving the movie "Annie" when I was younger. What's not to love? A poor little orphan gets to spend Christmas with a billionaire and then, beating the odds, gets adopted. It's a great story.

Saturday, I got to enjoy a live performance of the play. It was wonderful. The little girls were amazing in their singing and acting and dancing. Sooo adorable. The sets were beautiful. Even the dirty streets of New York seemed attractive. The adult actors were great. Miss Hannigan was the perfect mixture of funny and creepy and Daddy Warbucks, with shining head, was so believable as the grumpy old man who learns to love a little orphan. But my favorite character, of course, is Annie. She's smart and funny and brave and, above all, optimistic. No matter what, she looks at the world through eyes that see the good in people and circumstances. Through all she goes through, she is able to see the good in her life. And more than that, she spreads this to all those around her. What a good reminder that, after all, the sun will come up tomorrow...

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I didn't have time to blog yesterday for Valentine's Day because I teach kindergarten. And in kindergarten, Valentine's Day is huge. Easily as exciting as Christmas. I think it must be because of all the preparation. Kids pick out valentines, then choose just the right one for each classmate. Plus there are treats and candy and little plastic bags filled with surprises. They are all so excited to give each other their treasures and can hardly stand the anticipation. I don't know how many times between 8:30 and 10:30 (when the party began) that I had to remind some of the students that it wasn't time to pass out valentines yet. They kept going to their little bags and pulling them out. Just to make sure they were still there I guess. Or maybe they were hoping I wouldn't notice and they could start the party early. By 10:30, they were bouncing with excitement. It took about 5 minutes to pass our their cards and then they spent the rest of the time exploring their decorated bags full of fun and munching on more pink and red food than is probably healthy. And at the end of it all, they left for lunch with full bags and full tummies and smiles on their faces. And I was glad to have another holiday over and time to actually teach the curriculum. At least until St. Patrick's Day!

P.S. In case anybody wants to know, I have the best valentine ever!!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007


I have found out in the last few weeks how much I am loved. When it comes right down to it, those around me have shown through their words and actions how much they care. So...

Thanks, Arrty, for your patience, love, and kindness.
Thanks, Josh and Adam, for loving me no matter what.
Thanks, Mom and Dad, for being the best and for letting me nap on your couch.
Thanks, Ada, for calling to check on me.
Thanks, Kathy, for cheering me up and getting me out of meetings.
Thanks to my co-workers for watching out for me.
Thanks to all my brothers and sisters for your prayers.
Thanks, God, for your ever-present protection and unconditional love.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


February 6, 2007

5 Things To Be Happy About:


*Irish brogues

*a Cobb salad for lunch

*leather-bound books

*insights from dreams

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Huck Finn

I was reminded in the last two weeks, while reading "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" for my American lit class, why I love Mark Twain. He has always been one of my favorite authors and remains so. He is so funny and creative and ridiculous. And I love every minute of it. I found myself thinking, "How does he think of these things?" I know that this book has caused quite a stir in the public school system, but it is amazing and to not read it is missing out. This story of adventure and friendship and freedom doesn't get any better. There is nothing more exciting than traveling the mighty Mississippi River with Huck and Jim.

This time reading it, though, I found myself reading it through a mother's eyes. I felt sorry for Huck. All he really wants is a place to belong where they accept him for who he is. He doesn't necessarily want to keep moving, but feels forced to when things go wrong. He blames others' misfortunes on himself and takes himself out of the situation. He's just a little boy who needs a mother to love him and tell him he's okay and the world's okay, but at the same time to let him sleep outside and skip school now and then to go fishing. Now that I think of it, he can come live with me. I'm that kind of mom. (Just don't tell the boys' teachers. Wait, that's me!!):)