Thursday, February 01, 2007

Huck Finn

I was reminded in the last two weeks, while reading "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" for my American lit class, why I love Mark Twain. He has always been one of my favorite authors and remains so. He is so funny and creative and ridiculous. And I love every minute of it. I found myself thinking, "How does he think of these things?" I know that this book has caused quite a stir in the public school system, but it is amazing and to not read it is missing out. This story of adventure and friendship and freedom doesn't get any better. There is nothing more exciting than traveling the mighty Mississippi River with Huck and Jim.

This time reading it, though, I found myself reading it through a mother's eyes. I felt sorry for Huck. All he really wants is a place to belong where they accept him for who he is. He doesn't necessarily want to keep moving, but feels forced to when things go wrong. He blames others' misfortunes on himself and takes himself out of the situation. He's just a little boy who needs a mother to love him and tell him he's okay and the world's okay, but at the same time to let him sleep outside and skip school now and then to go fishing. Now that I think of it, he can come live with me. I'm that kind of mom. (Just don't tell the boys' teachers. Wait, that's me!!):)

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Katrina said...

You would be a great mom to Huck Finn, Jen. And with a couple of brothers around to wrestle with and a firm but fair dad to look up to, he probably never would have taken off on that rafting trip! :D