Thursday, February 15, 2007


I didn't have time to blog yesterday for Valentine's Day because I teach kindergarten. And in kindergarten, Valentine's Day is huge. Easily as exciting as Christmas. I think it must be because of all the preparation. Kids pick out valentines, then choose just the right one for each classmate. Plus there are treats and candy and little plastic bags filled with surprises. They are all so excited to give each other their treasures and can hardly stand the anticipation. I don't know how many times between 8:30 and 10:30 (when the party began) that I had to remind some of the students that it wasn't time to pass out valentines yet. They kept going to their little bags and pulling them out. Just to make sure they were still there I guess. Or maybe they were hoping I wouldn't notice and they could start the party early. By 10:30, they were bouncing with excitement. It took about 5 minutes to pass our their cards and then they spent the rest of the time exploring their decorated bags full of fun and munching on more pink and red food than is probably healthy. And at the end of it all, they left for lunch with full bags and full tummies and smiles on their faces. And I was glad to have another holiday over and time to actually teach the curriculum. At least until St. Patrick's Day!

P.S. In case anybody wants to know, I have the best valentine ever!!!


kathy said...

Then comes St. Paddy's Day with sparkley green hat, green feather boas and sashes and buttons that say, "Kiss me, I'm Irish." No, really, you're going to wear one, too.

Amy said...

LOL and by 5th grade, the boys are embarrassed to participate and the only ones who hand out Valentine's are the girls. LM was so funny about his V-day cards that he received (and no, I'm not allowed to look at them this year!)

Katrina said...

I used to read and reread my valentines from the cute boys in class, hoping that there was really something to the hastily scrawled messages inside.

I'm pretty sure now that they never even read the inside.