Thursday, February 08, 2007


I have found out in the last few weeks how much I am loved. When it comes right down to it, those around me have shown through their words and actions how much they care. So...

Thanks, Arrty, for your patience, love, and kindness.
Thanks, Josh and Adam, for loving me no matter what.
Thanks, Mom and Dad, for being the best and for letting me nap on your couch.
Thanks, Ada, for calling to check on me.
Thanks, Kathy, for cheering me up and getting me out of meetings.
Thanks to my co-workers for watching out for me.
Thanks to all my brothers and sisters for your prayers.
Thanks, God, for your ever-present protection and unconditional love.


Amy said...

You seem to be surrounded by a lot of loving people, Jen. You are truly blessed!!

kathy said...

You are most certainly welcome. Should we blow the next meeting and see a movie?