Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I remember the first time Josh came wobbling over to me with a book in his hand. He climbed on my lap, handed me the book and looked at me expectantly. He couldn't really talk yet, but I knew what he wanted. We had read lots of books together before that, but I'll never forget that first time that he "asked" me to read to him. What fun times I have had reading to my boys. We have shared adventures through our reading and learned a lot about the world and each other. Our whole family loves to read and our house is full of books.

So I wasn't surprised last night when Josh came walking toward me with a book in his hand. He sat down beside me on the couch and said, "Mom, can I read this to you?" Not what I was expecting, but wonderful just the same. He has been reading for a while and has read to me often, but this time was different. He chose a book and came to me to share it. It was great. A little bittersweet, but great. It seems like every day Josh grows up just a little bit more. I cherish each moment, even the challenging ones, because with each moment that he grows up, I grow up a little, too.


Katrina said...

Reading together time is the best! I still remember vividly my mom reading me My Side of the Mountain. I would lean against her and close my eyes and just let the words spin pictures in my mind.

Katie and I are reading the Little House books together right now. I am enchanted with them all over again and love that I am sharing something that I treasured in my childhood with my own daughter.

Great post!

Amy said...

Dang, Katrina always beats me to the post and then writes what I would say!! LOL

I loved reading with LM. Now he'll curl up on one end of the couch with a Star Wars book and I'll curl up on the other with another book and we'll share blankets and popcorn and just read the night away!

I'm also reading the Little House books while we wait at the bus stop. They aren't so much for LM (although he secretly enjoys them) but for the little neighbor girl.