Wednesday, January 17, 2007

To Stay or Not To Stay

A few months ago, Josh was invited to a birthday party at Triple Play. On the way, he said, "Mom, you're not staying are you?" I sucked up my tears, took a moment to let the little tear in my heart heal, and much to his dismay, said that I was in fact staying because it was a public place and I didn't trust just anyone to watch him like I wanted him to be watched. But I assured him that I would stay hidden in the shadows and leave him alone. He agreed reluctantly. (Like he had a choice.) At one point though, during an exciting game of laser tag, he ran into a wall and hurt his arm. And where did he run? To me, standing in the corner. I wanted so bad to say, "See. You need me." But I didn't. I just hugged him, asked him if he was okay, and sent him back to the game.

This past weekend, he attended another birthday party at a friend's house. He again asked me if I was staying. This time, since I know the family and they were not leaving the house, I told him that I was not staying. I was so glad that he didn't cheer or sigh or anything. He just said okay. I guess everything turned out fine. He said the party was fun and his friend liked the gift he took and that his favorite part was playing with their cats. So, we both made it for 2 1/2 hours without each other.

And on the way home, with only the two of us in the car, we had a great conversation about school (how we'd both rather stay home), how many more years of school he has (15 including college), what he wants to be when he grows up (a teacher), how he doesn't think he'd want to be a doctor even if he didn't have to go to school longer (15 more years of school is enough), what we should have for supper (corndogs), and what his dad and brother were doing at home (puzzles and games). I guess that as long as there are these times for talking, I can give him up for a few hours of fun with someone else...just not very often.

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Amy said...

Oh it is so very hard when we start to realize they don't NEED us like they used to. But they do, it's just on the inside. And being able to send them out into the world with hearts that have been cultivated and loved, that is our greatest achievement as mothers.