Friday, January 05, 2007

Cyber what?

Today is Friday. In Kindergarten every Friday is show and tell day, but in 1st grade, Josh's class, only the first Friday of each month is show and tell day. Show and tell is a big deal. The kids are so excited to show and tell about something important to them. (Or just to show and tell whatever they find in the bottom of their backpack if they forget.) So today, I remembered to tell the boys that it was show and tell day, and they went through Christmas gifts to find just the right thing.

Adam isn't much on public speaking, so he chooses not to show and tell. (He does, however, take a toy to play with after show and tell.) Josh, on the other hand, talks to everyone and makes a new friend wherever he goes, and has no problem with public speaking. Adam chose to take two fly wheels--one to play with and one to share. Josh chose to take the Transformer that Adam bought him for Christmas. It is a T-Rex that changes into a robot. Cool. But just as we got to the end of our road on the way to school, he said, "Oh, no, the cyber key." I knew exactly what he was talking about. I have transformed my fair share of Transformers and know that the cyber key is most important. You must have the cyber key, a quarter sized plastic disc with a little key sticking out one side, to open the secret compartment that allows you to shoot the hidden rocket. So, really, what good is the Transformer without the cyber key. I was late for school already and going back home, unlocking the door, getting the cyber key and getting back on the road would make me 4 minutes later. But show and tell comes only once a month. So I listened to my heart instead of my head and went back. He was thrilled.

I asked him at the end of the day how show and tell went. "Great," he said, "I shot the rocket a few times." All thanks to the cyber key and a mommy moment I can be proud of.


kathy said...

You rock. No matter that I started to worry about you when you didn't show at 8:02. "That's not like Jen." But, apparently, it was just like you.

Katrina said...

You definitely get to wear the Supermom cape this week! (Well, most weeks,!) You definitely came to the rescue for show-and-tell day, and I bet Josh will remember those four minutes for a long time. :D

Amy said...

you totally rock. Sometimes it's the very little things that make our children so happy. Good job!