Tuesday, January 09, 2007


My sister gives the best gifts. This year for Christmas she gave me Cold Mountain (the book), the new Dixie Chicks cd (yeah!), Grey's Anatomy season 2 (double yeah!!), and a Regal Theater gift card (which we used on Christmas Day). All truly excellent gifts. But on top of all that, she gave me a cd that she made. I got tears in my eyes when I opened it just thinking about all the wonderful songs I knew were on there. I couldn't wait to listen to it, but I knew that to truly enjoy it the way it should be enjoyed, I would need to be alone. So, after several days of Christmas "vacation," my husband agreed that I should go out. (He knows me so well.) So I took myself to dinner (Arby's, but I like Arby's) and a movie (The Good Shepherd).

As I left for my evening out, I put in my much anticipated cd. On it I found a wide variety of artists and styles of music. I heard Jack Johnson, Dixie Chicks, Dave Matthews Band, Sheryl Crow and many others. It is the BEST CD EVER!!! Just as I got to the Arby's parking lot, a song about sisters by Dave Matthews came on. I sat there listening and crying and thinking about my sister and how when she laughs it fills my heart and when she cries I feel her tears running down my face, just as the song says. We have always been close, but lately it's been better than ever. We talk more and go to lunch and share all the things that sisters are supposed to. She has become an amazing, strong, smart woman. She is a great mother. And she is my best friend. It's hard to believe that this is the same person who would fight against taking naps and who would sing The Beverly Hillbillies theme song over and over and over just to bug me. Today she would gladly take a nap anytime, anywhere. And now that I think about it, she would still sing The Beverly Hillbillies theme song just to bug me (or make me laugh). I am so thankful for such a wonderful sister and the great cd. Not only is the music great, but her thoughtfulness lets me know that she loves me as much as I love her. And besides that, it's the BEST CD EVER!!!


Anonymous said...

I did the same thing; sitting at the gorge hearing him sing it; i cried and thought of how it is perfect for us. Especially now, when you have helped me through so much. When you have helped make me into the woman I am now. You mean the world to me...lovesies.

Amy said...

I have not heard this song, but I need to find it. My sister and I fought like crazy when we were kids but became instant best friends when she left for college. I talk with her at least every other day and miss her so much (she's in MI, I'm in PA). This was a wonderful tribute to your sister!! (Sounds like an awesome CD!)

Katrina said...

Waaaaaaah! Sisters are so great! What a wonderful post--thanks for reminding me of how blessed I am to have MY sister, too. (Now off to iTunes to sample your song. :D)