Thursday, January 25, 2007

Happy Day

On my desk at school sits a daily calendar. (Given to me graciously by someone who knows that I'm needing a few reminders these days.) You know, it's one of those that you tear a page from each day. The title is "5 Things To Be Happy About." Each day there is a list of 5 things that make someone, somewhere happy. Usually one or two are things that actually make me happy and then there are a few that I don't quite get. Like "a cat in a puddle of sun." I don't get that. I am so not a cat person. And "delicate swirls of lace." I don't think I own anything with any kind of lace, especially in delicate swirls. And "red grapefruit." Yuck. But today's page is a good one (parentheses added by me):

-throwing a surprise party (especially for someone you love)
-crayon boxes with sharpeners (64 count Crayola is the best)
-bunny slippers (fuzzy pink ones, of course)
-ornate calligraphy (on antique books)
-going to the movies with friends (chick flicks with sister chicks)

What's not to love? Any one of these would make me happy today or any day.

Have a happy day!


kathy said...

come on, my edit (accompanied by a rather lovely drawing, i must say) of "a cat in a puddle of sun" had to make you happy. wet cat. up to it's flea-bitten, smug, aloof neck in a cold puddle of water must have made you smile a little. it did me.

Katrina said...


You two haters?

And I thought I knew you...