Sunday, June 16, 2013

Blessed Sunday

There doesn't seem to be much time for blogging during this whirlwind of life I find myself in. Always places to be and people to see. Dishes to wash and clothes to fold. Shopping and cooking and more dishes. Kids to hold and enjoy and play with. A husband who has his own whirlwind swirling, and whose path occasionally crosses mine. And work. Yes, it's summer vacation from school, but not completely for me. I am sharing the summer child care job with my sister. Two weeks on, two weeks off. Tomorrow will start my second week on. Long, hot, exhausting days spent with lots of kids ready to play the summer away. Both easier and harder than teaching somehow. But this week, even in my dreading the early mornings and constant "kid-ness" of my days, I have learned to count my summer job as a blessing. It allows me to work during the summer on my own terms. To take my own kids with me. To work on school projects a little during the day. To sit in the shade and listen to little voices and hearty laughs. And maybe even read a chapter or two between activities.

So, would I like to have my summer off completely? Yes. Of course. But since that isn't in the plans right now, I am choosing to count this opportunity as the blessing that it is.

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