Friday, April 11, 2014


I always wonder about people who put bumper stickers on their cars. I tend to think that they are people who talk a lot. Share everything. Discuss politics and religion and all those things that you have to be careful with in mixed company. Maybe that's not true of bumper sticker people. Maybe it is. I really don't know, because come to think of it, I don't think I know anyone who has a bumper sticker on their car.

I often read bumper stickers and try to figure out what kind of person drives that car. Sometimes the stickers make me laugh. Or think. But mostly I wonder what in the world someone was thinking when they stuck that sticker on their car. There are bumper stickers that I dislike. The ones that insult politicians...whether I voted for them or not. The ones that put down other people's beliefs...whether those beliefs are mine or not. The ones that use bad language...because little kids who are learning to read, read everything...and big kids read everything, too.

Today I saw a bumper sticker on a big, green truck today that said, "Extremely Rightwing." Really? Just what does that mean? And just what does this person want me to think about them? Am I supposed to make assumptions about their political beliefs? Am I supposed to honk if I agree...or if I don't? Should I assume that we couldn't be friends...or that we could be best friends? Am I expected to be moved to become extremely rightwing, too? I just don't know what the purpose of such a bumper sticker is.

Maybe I just don't understand being extremely anything when it comes to politics. I'm slightly on the right, I suppose. But I'm okay with those who aren't. If you and I were having a conversation about something and you asked me my opinion, I'd tell you. But the person driving behind me down the highway or stopped behind me at a stoplight, do they really care what I think? I don't think so.

There are some things in my life that I feel extreme about. I feel extremely protective of my children. My inner mama bear is lying, ready to pounce on anything that threatens my cubs. And I am extreme about the love I have for my husband. After 22 years, it is a comfortable, safe love. One that will last forever because we are both extremely dedicated to the life we've made together. I am extremely thankful for my family, the ones who live under my roof and the ones who don't. We are extremely blessed to have each other and the relationships we share. I am extremely happy about the sister-friends God has put in my life. These girls are the best...really, the absolute best. I am extremely loved by God, Creator of the universe. And I try to love Him extremely in return.

So, yes. Extreme exists in my world, I suppose. I guess I just feel like "extreme" should be reserved for kind, loving, good things. Things that unite us as people. Things that divide us should not be extreme. They should be...what's the opposite of extreme? Mild, moderate, slight? Or even less? Is being rightwing uniting or dividing? I'd have to ask someone who is to know for sure. Are my extremes uniting? I hope so.

So if you ever see a bumper sticker that says all of that, let me know. Maybe I'll stick that one on my minivan. But probably not, because I'm not really a bumper sticker kind of girl.

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