Monday, May 18, 2015


35 years ago today, Mt. St. Helens erupted in Oregon and forever changed the landscape of miles and miles of the northwest.

And 14 years ago today, my middle baby was born and forever changed the landscape of my heart.

This kid. This kid is indescribable. He's just someone you've got to meet to begin to understand. But here's my best shot at describing him.
He is hilarious and has been from the beginning.
He's smart in so many ways, which makes his funny that much funnier.
He is sensitive. He cares about people and their feelings.
He absolutely can't fathom why one human being would hurt another.
He is single-minded. Once he gets something in his head, it is not budging...and neither is he.
He loves football! Like crazy loves football! Watching, playing, studying, learning...and he's determined to play in the NFL. (I hope he makes it because he's promised to pay me back the $175 I spent on him to play junior tackle last season when he gets signed.)
He's a good big brother and plays with his little sister even though he might rather be doing something else. He's a good little brother but don't tell him I said so. He'll deny it.
He is handsome...blonde hair, blue eyes, and a smile that can melt any heart.
Some people think he's quiet...he's not.
He loves to have fun. He's always wanted everything to be fun, much to his mama's chagrin at times.
He can simultaneously make me laugh and want to ground him for all eternity.
He says that pretty much every meal I cook is his favorite meal ever. And says thank you after eating it.
He has been shown numerous times how to do his own laundry, but inexplicably still can't do it.
He is taller than me and loves to remind me of that fact every day.
He is the apple of my eye and my own little volcano.

Happy birthday, Adam. I love you with every ounce of my being.

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Katrina said...

Happy Birthday, Adam! What a sweet post, Jen. Now that you're back, you can't stop blogging again EVER.