Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Building Blogs

I remember when I was pregnant and all of a sudden there were like a million pregnant ladies in our town. Everywhere I went I saw at least five lovely, glowing woman in maternity shirts and comfortable shoes. I finally figured out at about month eight that it was probably just spending so much time in the baby department at Target that exposed me to so many who shared my condition. Or maybe it was just that I noticed them more because of our mutual situation. It was probably both.

The same thing happened about a month ago when we got a new car. Parker Toyota must have had a busy month because when I started driving my new minivan, so did twenty other families in Coeur d' Alene. Not only that, they all chose the exact same color as me! Okay, so maybe they already had theirs and maybe they weren't all shimmering blue. But before I drove mine I never noticed theirs.

Then Monday I was driving to NIC for my evening child development class when, to my surprise, the reader board was announcing the NIC SCIENCE BLOG. I thought that was pretty cool that the science department had a blog. I was wondering who wrote it and what it might be about as I drove closer to the sign. And just as I drove past, to my disappointment, I realized that it actually said NIC SCIENCE BLDG. Either their D needs to be a little pointier, or I had blogging on my mind. Oh, well, too bad for all those college scientists who will never know the joy of blogging.


kathy said...

I think maybe you need a little extra sleep, or perhaps some new glasses! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you should join the group "SUPERCHIC"!
- Carrie

Katrina said...

Well, since Kathy thinks you need some sleep, maybe this weekend of rest (if you can call three days of nonstop eating, driving, crafting, talking, and movie watching "rest") will help. ;)

I am loving your blog!