Friday, May 16, 2008

Show and Tell Finale

*a shiny rock that A. got from the haircut lady
*two brand new sparkly pencils that L. found in her backpack just in time for show and tell
*a pot containing 8 cacti that are "real and if you break them you will have to pay $8.00"
*1 green monkey, 1 Spongebob book, 1 Spiderman mask, 6 Neopets and stories for each
*a Magna Doodle (kind of like an etch-a-sketch only with a pencil to draw with) that can be used to draw pictures of me with a mohawk
*a stuffed goose and a baseball poster that J. won for our book fair coloring contest
*a chapter book with lots of pictures and stickers and a bracelet
*a stuffed dog and 2 posters from the book fair
*a story about how C. can ride her bike without training wheels and how her sister taught her how and helped her. And apparently it's hilarious that she crashed with her training wheels but doesn't crash without them!
*a jack-in-the-box named Jack Jack in the Box H. (Jack is his first name, Jack in the Box is his middle name and H. is his last name--the same as L.'s because he lives with him--and Clowny is his nickname.)

This is officially my last Friday and so my last show and tell report. It's been fun this year to see what the kids consider special enough to show their friends. Or at least to see what they have in the bottom of their backpacks that they pull out when they forget show and tell day. The best part though, is what they "tell." Five year olds can be very...umm...creative.

And I think that workplaces should institute show and tell day. We would all be able to get to know each other a little better. Or at least get to see what we have in our desk drawers if we forget something from home! :)


marci said...

I love your show & tell blogs. there would definitely need to be some guidelines for workplace show & tell! It would be fun and educational, though.

Katrina said...

I love your Show and Tells, too! My favorite is Jack Jack in the Box H...what a name!