Thursday, April 28, 2011

10 Things Thursday

10 random things.

1. I taught my kindergartners how to draw a rabbit last week. They turned out really cute. Well, mostly. A couple of them looked a little like Picassos.

2. Julianna learned about the circle of life this week when our trusty mouser, Luke, left a mostly intact mouse on our front walk. When I explained to her that Luke's job is to get rid of the mice for us, she said sadly, "But I like mouses."

3. Josh asked me if I would buy him a cell phone. I told him that he could have one when he was the age that I was when I got my first cell phone--28. Adam then asked, "What did you do if there was an emergency?!" Which led to my explanation of land lines and pay phones. You know, back in the dark ages.

4. I bought new Play-Doh for my class this week. In spite of the mess, it's one of my favorite kindergarten activities. It really allows the kids to be creative. And even my 3rd and 4th and 5th-7th grade art classes had fun with it. (Oh, and one teacher who happened by my classroom.)

5. On cold, windy days my 15 minute recess duty is exactly 15 minutes. 14 1/2 if I can get away with it. On warm, sunny days, my 15 minute recess duty might stretch to 20...or, let's be honest, 25 minutes.

6. There's been lots of baby name talk in our family lately with my new nephew arriving this summer. If I had more babies to name, I like Maggie, Ethan, Ella, Noah, Ava, Sophia, Olivia, Ben, Max, Addison, Mia, Caroline...

7. Why is it so hard for kindergartners to distinguish one coin from another? They all look different. They are different sizes. They have different pictures on them. The penny is a whole different color for goodness sake! How hard can it be? Apparently pretty hard considering I spent my whole math time working on it this morning and some of them still said "penny" when I held up a nickel. Urrrggg.

8. I received a copy of Veggie Tales "Twas the Night Before Easter" from World Vision to show to our school. They also sent a little stack of pictures of children who need sponsors through their program. I love World Vision and we sponsor two children, but I really have to stop doing things where they send me these pictures. I want to sponsor them all! And I don't have to send the unsponsored ones back and I can't bring myself to throw them away. Anyone want to be a sponsor?

9. I so, so, so hope winter is over. If it snows again, I may just have to cry.

10. The movie "Fast Five" starts this weekend. I should not be so excited about an action movie. But Vin Diesel and The Rock in the same movie?!? I can hardly wait.


Katrina said...

What is this "pay phone" of which you speak? :P

Remember those suuuuuper long phone cords that allowed you to wander around the room with your phone (before they got all tangled up and rendered unusable, anyway)?

If I had more babies, they'd be Sophia, Alexandra, and Jericho.

Just kidding about Jericho. The boy's name I like is Wolverine.

Just kidding again. It's Levi.

Ada said...

First of all...I love Katrina. :)

What if the parents sold the Picasso ones and donated the money to the school. You should suggest it!

Pooooor Josh. I tried to explain the same thing to Abby about getting her ears pierced. Like mama, like daughter...13.

Who are you kidding? You have to have a J name or an A name. Sophia? Olivia? Nope.

Don't be so hard on the k5's. When I help with Aid's class some of them still have trouble.

Do you think Adam would wonder why I wanted to go to such a "boy" movie...I can't help it. I have the biggest crush on the Rock. Sigh. Double love.