Friday, April 08, 2011

Show and Tell Fill in the Blank

This is my ____________________.
a) Bunny named FlowerHeart
b) Rocks
c) Bunny named Buns
d) Monster Truck
e) Pillow Pet
f) Medals
g) Christmas Tree ornament
h) Ipod (toy)

I like it __________________.
a) a lot
b) very much
c) so much

It's ________________.
a) special
b) very special
c) very, very special

I like to __________________.
a) play with it
b) take it with me wherever I go
c) curl up with it
d) listen to it

I got it from ___________________.
a) McDonald's
b) The Playground
c) Great-Grandma and Grandpa
d) Christmas

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