Wednesday, July 06, 2011

10 Things Thursday

10 things you could find at our 7th annual 4th of July party:

1. Some of my favorite ladies sitting in the shade, drinking Diet Coke (or water or tea), visiting, and laughing.

2. Video games. Josh and Adam really hit it off with the exchange students from China who joined in our celebration. It was great fun having them there. Even if we had to communicate using sign language. And even though they put watermelon on their hamburgers.

3. Horseshoes. What's the 4th of July without horseshoes? Luckily we didn't have to find out.

4. Cotton candy. Warren and Lynn brought George's cotton candy machine and made all the kids (and some of the adults) very happy.

5. Happy kids. Happy, sticky kids.

6. Friends. Julianna loved playing with Katie. They bonded over cotton candy and bug boxes.

7. Did I mention sticky kids?

8. Kim. One of those "favorite ladies" I mentioned who was especially happy about the appearance of cotton candy.

9. Smiles. This is just one of the many smiles I saw that day. It was a good day.

10. Fireworks. Julianna had a love/hate relationship with the fireworks this year. She loved to see them, but hated the loud noises. She was thrilled to see her three favorite colors: pink, purple, and green. And she especially liked the "sfarkly" ones.

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