Thursday, May 17, 2012

10 Things Thursday

10 things that make me happier than they probably should.

1. Free chai lattes. The free ones taste so much better than the ones I buy for myself or make at home.
2. A gift of flowers. I love flowers. Love them. But I, nor they, should be happy when I am in charge of them. I can kill a cactus. Can and have.
3. A brand new box of crayons. They are so perfect and lovely. I almost hate to let my students use them.
4. Clearance sales. I have to repeat to myself over and over, "Just because it's cheap doesn't mean you need it."
5. Clearance sales on things I'm actually shopping for. I found a great deal on a camera for Josh for his last birthday. It was what I was shopping for and I got a $200 camera for $40. And then a few weeks ago I found a $150 camera for $30 for Adam's birthday. I know! Happy!!
6. Reality tv. It's one of my guilty pleasures. Survivor, American Idol, Pawn Stars, Deadliest Catch...
7. Movie trailers. I pay $9 to see a movie and my favorite part is the trailers for movies I'll have to pay $9 to see later.
8. Comfy shoes. I haven't worn heels since 1991. And gladly so.
9. Someone else taking the garbage out. Anyone. Anyone at all.
10. A whole Diet Coke. A whole one. One that I don't have to share with anyone.

What makes you happier than it probably should?


Angie Storms said...

I'm totally with you on #3! For me, it has to be Crayola brand. I dump them all out, then put them back in the box in rainbow order, because that makes me happy for some reason. I too love "reality" shows, but not all of them. I just found out that the Duck Dynasty guys are Church of Christ people!

Katrina said...

A McDonald's McFlurry in the freezer. Just knowing it is in there makes me happy. After I eat it, I often think, "Wow, I didn't need that." But while it's sitting in there waiting for me, I enjoy it immensely.

Ada said...

A nap.
Garage Sales.
The smell of rain.
I'm smiling just thinking about them.

And I'm with Duck Dynasty. I can't get enough of that show. :)