Thursday, November 22, 2012

10 Things Thanksgiving Thursday

1. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. So laidback and relaxing. All about gratitude and family...and really good food.
2. The annual Flanagan Thanksgiving Cheeseball Contest was once again a highlight. This year's offerings: taco, chili-cheese, chicken jalapeno popper, fiesta, chocolate marshmallow, and peanut butter.
3. And the winner was...everyone! Because, really, with that much cheese, don't we all win? (Although Mom's peanut butter cheeseball with apple slices was super yummy.)
4. I found out that Dad has been reading my blog. Which I love. Any writing talent I have comes from him.
5. I love the kids in our family. They are funny and smart and wonderful. And really, really cute. They are six of my greatest blessings.
6. I will be cooking a turkey dinner at our house tomorrow since we ate at mom and dad's today. It's all about the leftovers.
7. We just finished a rousing game of The Big Deal. It's a board game from the early 80's that's a cross between Monopoly and Life. Julianna and I were a team and we won!
8. Although I think the boys were glad to lose to me since I then got supper ready while they finished the game.
9. And now we are watching our traditional Thanksgiving movie: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.
10. I have so, so, so much to be thankful for today. And every other day of the year.

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Ada said...

This may have been one of my favorite thanksgivings...even if i was sick. it was so relaxed and family filled.

my new plan is to try out all the recipes before, pick my fave and fix it on thanksgiving. that way i will like them. ha!

love you sis!