Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blessed Sunday

Yesterday was girls' day at my house. The boys were away at friends' houses and Arrty taught his NIC class, so it was just Miss Julianna and I in the house for a few hours. Our big project was to clean her room and move a bunch of her toys to the basement. So in I dove...with her "helping." The thing about her helping is this. It's not much help at all. As soon as I put something away she thinks it's the funnest thing ever to play with. Or if I put something in the box to go downstairs it's suddenly her favorite toy and can't possibly be moved to the far off land of the basement. But we got through it and moved two big boxes of stuff out of her room.

In the process, she discovered in her closest a play tent that I had bought at Target last year in the summer clearance. It's shaped like a tree and has branches and leaves surrounding the top. She was thrilled. And wanted to put it up. At that very moment. The problem was, at that very moment, her entire bedroom floor was covered with stuff I was going through. After her impatiently waiting for me to finish, we were able to clear enough space for her new play place. I was able to get it all together and set up...again with her help. And she quickly filled it with friends and books and toys to keep her company. And she loved it. And therefore I loved it. She played in there for the longest time and could hardly wait for the boys to get home so she could show them.

And what I was reminded of is this. I will do pretty much anything within my power to make my kids happy. I try not to go overboard and spoil them. (Although they are a little spoiled. But aren't we all?) But if it's something easy like putting up a tent in the house, I do it. Did it make my life easier? No. Did it make Julianna's day better? Yes.

Because, here's the thing. Kids grow up. Fast. And so if on a day when what I really should be doing is cleaning the house and I end up setting up a tent instead makes any one of my kids smile, I'll let the dishes and the sweeping wait. If I've learned anything from being a mommy for thirteen years, it's this. Kids don't wait. They just keep on moving through their lives. And if I don't join them on the journey, I'll miss out on some lovely, wonderful, exciting adventures with some amazing little souls.

So what is the blessing for today? Well, there are many. One is that I have a daughter when I never thought I would. She is a blessing many times over. Another is that our family is together and even when we are apart, we aren't really. And another is that I have three healthy, whole children to love and follow through this life. And by God's grace, lead into the next.

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