Thursday, May 02, 2013

10 Things Thursday

10 pictures on my camera.

This is part of one of the sculptures at the learning center in Boise where I was training for Project Learning Tree. It is beautiful. This, of course, was my favorite part of the sculpture.
Another sculpture from Boise. This giant dandelion fluff is lovely.
Julianna took this one of the blue sky and clouds. She is my little photographer.
Not surprisingly, she took this one, too. Very serious.
And this abstract of TMNT movies. a giant pen, and a variety of shoes. 
And this one of her foot in her favorite shoes. The girl loves shoes!
Julianna and Abby at the Easter egg hunt. Jules wanted to hug. Abby didn't.
My kindergarten class's science fair project on earthworms. They love worms! Especially gummy ones!
Found this on the door. Made me glad I left the magnetic alphabet out.  And that I have a kid who would think to write it. 
This is the thank you card I got in the mail after ordering flowers from some cute little girls who knocked on my door one day. They were raising funds for their youth roller derby league. Have any of you ever gotten a thank you card from Ginger Slap and Lucky Harms? I didn't think so. 


Ada said...

I love the dandelion puff in boise. how have i never seen that? hmmmmm.

the pic of jules foot looks like a grown up foot. creepy.

who did the magnet thing? i can't decide.

Jen said...

The dandelion is kind of out of town at the learning center. Off the beaten path, I think.

Yeah. Those shoes need to "get lost."

It was Adam.