Saturday, May 18, 2013

One Dozen

One dozen years ago today, I met a baby. My baby. The second one that I could call my own. He was amazingly adorable with his fuzzy blond head and the bluest of blue eyes. Somehow, even on that first day, I knew there was something special about this baby. And the last twelve years have proven that to be true.

Adam is like no other kid I've ever known...and I've known a lot of kids.

He's a thinker. Even when he was very little, he would ask questions that shouldn't come from such a little boy. He wanted to know about the world and everything and everyone in it. 
He's a butterfly chaser...literally and figuratively. He has always loved bugs (except for spiders!) and can get distracted by the smallest of creatures...and everything else.
He is hilarious and clever. His sense of humor is well beyond his years and always has been. 
He is nearly impossible to discipline. When he was little I could never get through a sentence reprimanding him without laughing. He quickly learned how to play that to his advantage. I literally had to look away while I fussed at him. (It's easier now that he's bigger and I have grown slightly immune to his charms.) 
He is highly sensitive to his feelings and the feelings of others. He knows what others are feeling and tries to make it better if he can. He's a fixer and a mediator and a peacemaker.
He stands up for the underdog. And gets his feelings hurt if he's the underdog and nobody stands up for him.
He is exponentially silly. He loves to play and have fun to the point of driving his poor mama crazy.
He can't make a decision to save his life. I learned a long time ago to not be in hurry if he's trying to decide on something. He needs time. And sometimes guidance. But in the end, his decisions are sound. 
He is smart. School smart and people smart. 
He is quiet around others, but so not quiet at home with us.
He is sweet as sweet can be most of the time, but has a temper that earned him the nickname, "Jack-Jack."
He likes what he likes and doesn't like what he doesn't like. No middle ground.
He would hate this post if he knew about it. But I think someday he will appreciate it. 

He is my middle child. My second son. My joy. My Adam D. 

Happy, happy, happy birthday sweet boy. I love you.

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