Thursday, March 25, 2010

10 Things Thursday

10 things I will do on spring break...

1. travel a little (Montana)
2. read a lot
3. laugh with my kids
4. smile at my husband
5. watch movies
6. clean a little
7. sleep a lot
8. sing
9. wear pajamas all day (at least twice or three times or four)
10. enjoy every second

10 things I will NOT do on spring break...

1. set an alarm clock
2. make lunches the night before
3. grade papers
4. discipline kindergartners
5. wake the boys before they're ready
6. wish I was home with Jules (since I will be)
7. say things like, "Keep your hands to yourself*," or "What's the rule about walking in line," or "Criss cross applesauce."
8. worry about bed time
9. clean up spilled chocolate milk...EVERY DAY!
10. count the days to summer vacation**

*Okay, this one I may have to say.
**And I might do this one, too.


Allison said...

Enjoy spring break! Wish I could spend some of that free time with you! Tell your family hello for me!

kathy said...

53 school days. now you don't have to.

Alyson said...

Yay for Spring Break!!! Have fun chillaxing!