Thursday, October 20, 2011

10 Things Thursday

10 things about the story of Abraham--8 according to my K-2nd grade Bible students and 2 according to me. First is the acrostic created by the kids.

1. Abraham went...(wherever God told him)
2. Birth of Isaac
3. wRapped up Isaac (to place him on the alter)
4. Abraham took a trip
5. He loved Lot
6. Abram changed his name
7. Mom was old (as in Sarah was 90 when Isaac was born)(This one is my favorite!)

8. I am amazed by Abraham's faith. No wonder he is known for his faithful service to God. He walked with God and obeyed him even when it seemed impossibly hard.
9. I have always been fascinated with Sarah, too. What an amazing woman and wife she must have been to support her husband's God-led lifestyle. And to have a baby at 90! I know that lifespans were different in those days, but still...90!

10. I read this poem about Abraham and Isaac to my class during yesterday's lesson. In case you don't know this part of the story, God tells Abraham that he is to sacrifice his son Isaac. When he is sure that Abraham is really going to go through with it, he stops him...with the knife in mid-air. He assures Abraham that he's passed the test. God now knows that Abraham would not withhold anything, not even his son, from him. This poem is kind of funny in a "when are we going to get there" kind of way, but the last few lines are quite touching. Enjoy.

Where Are We Goin'?

"Where are we goin'?"
little Isaac asked his pop.
"Are ya gonna take me fishin'
or to the candy shop?"

"Why are you so silent?
Have you planned a big surprise?
Are you keepin' it a secret?
Should I cover up my eyes?"

"When will we get there?
How much longer till we stop?
Are we gonna climb that mountain?
Are we hikin' to the top?'

"What will we do there
when we finally reach the peak?
Say, Pop,
is that a teardrop
that is rollin' down your cheek?"

~Marty Nystrom
(from the book Don't Mess with Moses)

The kids knew the story. We talked about it for two days. And after I read the poem, one little boy raised his hand and said, "He's kind of annoying. I would have sacrificed him." Are you kidding me?! I couldn't make this stuff up.

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Ada said...

this is not my favorite bible story. i love God but i couldn't do it. abraham was a strong strong man.

i do love the kid that said he would've done it bc he was annoying. hahahaaa