Monday, January 09, 2012

Bedtime Conversation

The other night when I was tucking Julianna into bed, she told me that she needed to take her phone to bed. Here's the conversation:

Jules: Mommy, I need my phone.
Me: Why do you need to take your phone to bed?
Jules: Abby is going to call me.
Me: She is? Isn't it her bedtime, too?
Jules: Yes but she is going to have trouble.
Me: Trouble? What kind of trouble?
Jules: Trouble with her light. I might have to use your car.
Me: Use my car? Why?
Jules: To go help Abby with her light.
Me: Umm, I'm pretty sure her mommy can help her with her light.
Jules: Oh. Okay.


Katrina said...

Oh, dear. If you're not already hiding your car keys, you might want to start.

(She'd be the cutest driver on the road, though!)

Ada said...

Oh, I LOVE it!
What light? What kind of trouble? I'm intrigued!!

ps she is definitely more like you...telling you that she is going to be sneaking out before she does. hahahaaa