Thursday, June 14, 2012

10 Things Thursday

10 things about my summer vacation.

1. It's only half vacation. It's half teaching day camp at our school.
2. It's filling up. I sat down with a calendar last night and wrote down some of what we have planned so far.
3. One thing is an Indians baseball game this Saturday. Julianna is the most excited about it. She can't wait to see...the mascots!
4. Another is summer theater. The first show is tonight and I can hardly wait until then. Hello, Dolly!
5. I have yet to make my chores-to-do list. I guess making a list should be the first thing on the list.
6. Josh and Adam are playing baseball this summer. With practices and games, that should keep us busy.
7. Whenever I ask Jules what she wants to do this summer, she says, "Catch butterflies!" A girl after my own heart.
8. I have a stack of about 50 books to read before fall. You think I'm exaggerating. I'm not.
9. Oh, another thing on the calendar is to see Brave. I am way more excited about this animated movie than I probably should be. But, c'mon, a red haired, blue eyed, Scottish heroine? Perfect.
10. But in spite of the part time work and the full calendar and the long to-do list, it's still SUMMER VACATION!

1 comment:

Ada said...

1. i have just decided a half vacation is not a vacation at all.
2. i hope i'm part of at least some of that.
4. we are going to see the cash one. i'm excited.
5. chores schmores. that kind of sounds like that on your list?
6. Plaaaaaaay ball!
8. read em and pass em on!
9. meeeeee tooooooo
10. meh