Saturday, June 02, 2012

Miss Julianna Turns 4

You'd think I'd be used to it by now. I've been through this twice. This growing up of my children. Josh will be 13 in a few months and is so, so close to being taller than me. Adam just turned 11 and is barely a half inch shorter than his brother. I know how fast it goes. I've seen it and felt it and watched it happen. In the blink of an eye.

But with my sweet daughter it's just so bitter sweet. She's my baby. My no doubt about it very last baby. And in the last month or so she has changed into a little girl right before my eyes. No more babies at my house. Sigh. That's okay, though. Because as much as I loved having babies, I adore having older kids. In the last few days, I've been able to plan a party with her. And believe me, she helped in the planning. She has some opinions, this daughter of mine. And she's not afraid to share them. We've been shopping and made invitations and picked out decorations. We've made cupcakes and frosted cupcakes and re-frosted cupcakes after she stuck her little fingers in half of them to sample the frosting. And it's been so much fun. Fun that we haven't had before.

So, yes. My baby is growing up way, way, way too fast. But the growing is so incredible to watch and be a part of. It's amazing that four years have passed so quickly and yet it seems like I've known Julianna forever. I can barely remember a day without this precious girl in my life. But maybe that's because I think she has been in my heart forever. God just waited until the perfect time to put her in my arms. And it was well worth the wait. She is funny and sweet and smart and so, so adorable. She is a gift and blessing in every way.

So happy, happy, happy 4th birthday, sweet Julianna. Mama loves you more than words can say.  


Katrina said...

Happy birthday, precious Julie! We love you! What a special and amazing girl God made when He made you. :)

Ada said...

happy birthday jules!
love you!!!!