Thursday, June 28, 2012

10 Things Thursday

10 things I would do if I could go back to high school.

1. Study more and better. So that when I got to college, I wouldn't be rudely awakened and have to learn to study.
2. Sing more. Like High School Musical and Glee sing. Like break out in song in the halls and in the cafeteria and in the classroom sing. And have so much fun doing it that the other students and teachers joined in! (What?! That's what happens on tv!)
3. Be braver. Speak up and speak out. Stand up and stand out.
4. Wear a coat and boots. In the winter. Like a person with half a brain.
5. Join a team. Any team. Perferably something like volleyball or softball or chess. Okay, maybe not chess.
6. Make more friends. And not be afraid to make friends.
7. Write everything down. Everything. So I could look back when I'm 40..and remember what it was like to be young.
8. Get a jacket to put my letter on. Even though I lettered in choir.
9. Attend more sporting events. And cheer like a crazy person.
10. Say thank you to my teachers. They deserved it when I was really there. And they would deserve it if I went back. Especially since I would be interrupting their classes everyday with my singing!


Alyson said...

I also had to learn to study in college. Ugh. That was a drag!

I also occasionally daydream about going back to high school with my adult wisdom and maturity (insert joke about Alyson's adult wisdom and maturity here), not because high school was my glory days or anything. If anything, it's because I look back at how immature I was and what a dork I was, and I think "I could SO do better!" It would be fun to go back and redo high school without having to worry so much about what people thought of you.

Jen said...

My thoughts exactly, Alyson! Wonder if I'll look back on my 30's or 40's and think I could do better? Probably.

mylifefromscratch said...

I think we all wish we wouldn't have cared as much about the "little things," but then again, there will be those things I look back on about myself now and think similar thoughts. I often think about what advice I would now give my younger self. It is usually things like what you said... don't be afraid to be yourself/express yourself, go ahead and join the row team and honor choir, etc.