Thursday, August 16, 2012

10 Things Thursday

10 questions...

1. Will it ever stop feeling like part of me is missing when my children are away from me? The boys are at camp this week, and as happy as I am that they get to go to camp, I miss them like crazy. Even though when they are here they pretty much drive me to drink. (I mean if I was a drinker, that is.)
2. Do you ever look at your children and they are so cute and amazing that you get this surreal feeling that they aren't really yours? That still happens to me with Julianna after 4 years. Maybe it's because for so many years I only thought of myself as a mommy of boys, then this little girl makes her appearance and I'm still getting used to the idea. (She does not drive me to drink...yet.)
3. Does summer get shorter every year? Or is it just because 3 months is becoming a smaller and smaller percentage of my life each year?
4. Will my chores ever be done? I'm guessing no. And that makes me tired.
5. Is it good or bad that working at the school all summer has made me think of school all summer? I have my schedule all finished for next year and have been planning lessons. But my room is a mess and that can't be remedied until summer school is over.
6. Why does our Summer Theater only put on four shows? I know, I know. Time and cost and all that. But I wish it was longer. I am both excited and sad that tonight is our last show of the year.
7. Am I seriously getting a cold? Because if I am, I'm not going to be happy. Not one little bit.
8. Who is going to a tea party on Saturday? I am!
9. What should I eat at Dangerous Dog tonight before seeing Ragtime? Any suggestions?
10. How, pray tell, am I supposed to do the bazillion things left on my summer to do list in only 18 short days? How?!


freebie said...

oh, wow...I am so here today. Just got done scrubbing a boy's face with alcohol.(not the drinking kind) He thought sharpie chin puppets would be a fun idea. Some days I wish I was a drinker.
As for the rest of the list...yes, I am there too.

Ada said...

1. no...i know 50% of the time. :(
2. yes. hahaaa just kidding. no...i think dang...those kids have some good looking parents!
3. seems like it. boo
5. don't ever say the words summer school to me again.
6. i didn't see any this year. boo
7. gross
8. color me jealous.
10. get working!