Thursday, August 23, 2012

10 Things Thursday

10 words.

1. worry
2. peace
3. guilt
4. forgiveness
5. fear
6. courage
7. pain
8. joy
9. loud
10. gentle


Anonymous said...

Jen-every word is what we go through with our kids-sorry it doesn't get better as they grow up. i'm 54-just ask my mom! jordan

Ada said...

I worry with my whole body. It's exhausting.

Speaking of peace. Last night I went to Raine's and she was giving me some clothes (hooray) and numerous shirts had a peace sign on them and I was so confused. So unlike her. There was also color. Soooo very unlike her. Anyway...I got some good stuff and this story is pointless. Sigh.

I have enough loud. The A's exude loud. All of them. Except for me. I'm quiet and reserved.

I need more gentleness. Like Mom. She is the epitome of gentle.