Friday, August 17, 2012

The Story of How I Came To Sit Beside Ellen Travolta

So here's how it happened.

11:00am--Dentist appointment. No cavities and still 33 teeth. (You'd think my dentist would get over that weird thing about me after 25 years of being my dentist. He hasn't.)
11:45--Pick up Arrty (and his Arby's coupons) for lunch
11:53--Run in to my very best friend from high school and not only feel, but tell her numerous times, how glad I am that she looks so young. (Most people from high school look so old and if she looks young, maybe I do, too!) Spend a few minutes catching up and promise to call to set up a time to go to lunch.
12:58--Visit the University of Idaho Coeur d'Alene office to pay for Arrty's college course.
12:59--Grudgingly hand over a check for $1038 for one.three credit course. ONE class. $1038. Yikes. When is the last time I paid for college? I was shocked, I tell ya.
1:15--Arrive at Figpickels with Julianna and begin an hour of following her around the store as she flits and flutters from shelf to shelf.
2:15--Pay for Miss Julianna's choices: a painting book and a pink, sparkly bracelet and necklace set.
2:27--Arrive at Ramsey park to let Jules try out her painting book and play on the jungle gym. Sit in the shade and marvel at the wonder of life and God's green earth...and the quiet that is so seldom a part of my days.
3:15--Arrive at Target to pick out a new backpack and lunch box for the girly girl. And she chose...wait for kitties!
4:07--Drop Jules off at her daddy's office so she can go home with him and I can get ready for girls' night out. Then run a few errands all by myself.
4:59--Arrive to pick up Kathy, who is, as usual, ready and waiting with bells on. Or not. Whatever.
5:08--Continue on my taxi service rounds to pick up Alyson, Katrina, Marci and Emily.
5:40--Arrive at Dangerous Dog. Decide to order the original Dangerous Dog (two dogs open faced with chili, cheese, coleslaw, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos). Only I ordered mine with no onions or jalapenos. Kathy said that made it the Slightly Risky Dog instead.
7:10--Head to the theater excited to see Ragtime.
7:24--Sit down in seat 29 instead of my assigned seat of 27.
7:25--Notice stage and screen actor Jack Bannon sitting in seat 25.
7:26--Realize that his date will be his wife, Ellen Travolta!
7:27--Begin whining to Alyson that she's sitting in my seat.
7:28--Switch seats with Alyson when she generously offers.
7:29--Brush arms with Ellen Travolta when she sits down RIGHT NEXT TO ME.
7:30--The show starts during which I write whole conversations for Ellen and I in my head. She leaves right when the lights go up for intermission and at the end of the show, so all we share is a "hi" and a smile. I spend the whole night telling myself I am respecting her privacy instead of being a big, fat, scaredy cat.
9:52--Realize that if I could sing like the girl playing Sara, I would not be a kindergarten teacher. I'd be a singer!
10:35--Leave the theater in search of something sweet.
10:45--Discover that Baskin Robbins is open until 11:00. Enjoy a waffle cone with one scoop of Snickers and one scoop of Nutty Coconut.
11:00--Get kicked out of Baskin Robbins. Begin the drop off service of my girls.
11:53--Arrive home. Give my husband a mild heart attack as he walks out of the bedroom just as I'm walking in.
12:00--Fall into bed a happy girl.


Katrina said...

I think that from now on when you tell this story, you should include some of your imaginary conversations. They were highly entertaining. (I still think she left early because she overheard us humming the theme song for "Charles In Charge".)

Alyson said...

My Dad broke his arm bear hunting, and the story involves a very close call with a bear and some heroics on his part. The *real* story involves him tripping over a rock.

I think this should totally be your "bear" story. Especially the part where Ellen Travolta joined us at Baskin Robins after the show. :)

Katrina said...

Oooh, yeah! Remember how she ordered bubble gum ice cream and we all laughed? I mean, who likes bubble gum ice cream?

Jen said...

And that is why you are my friends. :)

Ada said...

pretty tricky sis...pretty tricky.

i like bald i would have asked to trade seats with ellen.
no really, i would have.

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