Friday, September 21, 2012

Show and Tell Friday (With Commentary)

*some kind of plastic bunch of grapes?? (Looked at it up close. Still not sure what it is or what it's for.)
*furry Siamese cat statue-ie thing that meows (Can't decide if it's cute or creepy.)
*red power ranger that can turn into a tiger (complete with demonstration and sound effects)
*pink pretend girlie stuff--blow dryer that "doesn't make sounds at all", comb, perfume that's "fake but I can pretend it smells," and a curling iron that's "for real hair and it can dye your hair any color you want it" (Wow! That's a good curling iron!)
*blue sequined headband (That I think came to school as an accessory but became show and tell out of necessity.)
*green monster truck with "kinda big wheels" that J. forgot at Sammy's house and he found it under his bed. (Which we all know is where toys try to hide every time.)
*star fish from Oregon; "It's real!" (I loved this show and tell. Not only the most unique one of the day, but it came with a vacation story which included a zoo, some stores, and lots of hotels. Which seemed to be the highlight of the trip.)
*Buzz Lightyear action figure and Mr. Potato Head video game (Toy Story theme. I love Toy Story!)
*stuffed cat, stuffed wolf, stuffed Bernie and Tracker that are "my briothers'", stuffed Otto "from the baseball game" (What kind of kid brings 5 stuffed animals for show and tell?! Oh, yeah...mine.)

And here's my show and tell. This shirt that is...well, decide for yourself.


Alyson said...

I'm glad she told you about the hotels. They WERE the highlight of the trip :)

Jim and I had a hearty laugh about the Sweet Jesus Tshirt. Then we ordered it, because that's what you do when your four year old wants the cupcake Tshirt. Sigh.

Ada said...

Hmmmm...I always forget show and tell. Dang it!

Do you think I could borrow that curling iron? It sounds super fun. :)

The tee is my favorite!!! Come on!!!