Thursday, December 06, 2012

10 Things Thursday

10 words not allowed in kindergarten until at least December 17th.

1. Christmas
2. tree
3. presents
4. reindeer
5. Santa*
6. sleigh
7. jingle
8. bells
9. Batman
10. smells

*Santa discussions are not allowed at all. Even after the 17th. There is always a debate about whether he's real or not. And it always ends in a 5 year old wanting me to tell them the truth. And I do not want some parent mad at me for telling their kid that he's real.


kathy said...

LOVE this! And sorry for teaching them the song.

Jen said...

I should have known it was you!

Ada said...

I feel like you are being a little scroogish. no?

don't make me decorate your room while you are away to get you in the spirit...Elf style.

Jen said...

Ada, you try teaching 14 little kids all hyped up on candy canes and Christmas spirit. :-) But starting the 17th I'll be full of spirit. I can take a week of it.