Friday, December 07, 2012

Show and Tell

Soccer medal. Apparently E. scored "infinity" points during his soccer season.

Unicorn Dreamlite. "It glows on the ceiling when the light is off." (Kindergarten consensus is that Dreamlites would make perfect Christmas gifts.)

D's sister's "magic for kids" cards since he forgot to bring show and tell.

Knitted pink, beaded purse made by Aunt Vicki. (Teacher voted most special show and tell of the day.)

Plastic dinosaur and purple car.

Pink, sparkly belt. (More of a show and tell accessory.) (The belt went missing...and was finally found around the owner's waist.)

Julianna's brother's stuffed horse...that seemed much larger when her brothers were smaller.

Flower hair clip. Bought by Grandma who "loves is a lot. And so does Grandpa." (More accessories.)

Transformer toy won in the "Shining Star" drawing at school this morning. (He loves it so much!)

Little Mermaid book complete with explanation of each. and. every. page.

Red top (Also won in "Shining Stars.")

Teeny, tiny notebook with a teeny, tiny pencil.


Alyson said...

Originally, Lily wanted to bring her "collection", which is a box full of necklaces and rings and treasures. We decided to narrow it down to just one treasure for today :)

Anonymous said...

listened to my sons 'show and tell' yesterday. he was telling me of 'parking'the sub he is on earlier that day-when he lets out-ooooh there is a sea turtle! there is still that little boy in him-thank you CCS!

Ada said...

yesterday was the first day since the beginning of school that i remembered show and tell.
and by remembered I mean Abby asked to take stickers to school and i didn't want her to but i didn't want to argue so i gave in. then i realized it was friday and called it s&t. hee hee