Friday, December 14, 2012


Here I sit, in a room full of kindergartners, reading about a tragedy that happened in a kindergarten class thousands of miles away. My heart is breaking. My soul is crying out. My arms are aching to hold my own children.

All I can think about is those poor mamas and dads whose children won't be coming home from school today. How will they survive? How will they make it through this terrible, horrible, life changing tragedy? How will they tell their other children that they have lost one of their own? What will they do with the packages already under the tree for their babies?

And the teachers. How will they be able to walk into their classrooms on Monday or the next week or the next month and teach reading and writing and addition to the survivors? How will they be able to walk into a classroom ever again?

I know, without a doubt, that there is an army of angels descending on Connecticut right this minute to surround those families and provide peace and comfort in a time when it seems impossible. Angels whose purpose it is to clean up another mess made by Satan whose cruelty and hate and devastation never cease to amaze me.

And I know that in Heaven Jesus is surrounded by 20 new angels and he is wrapping each one in his holy embrace and whispering words of love in each little ear.

Because I have to think of how God, the Messiah, is taking care of his children. I have to.

And I have to remind myself that Satan tries, with all his might, to tear us away from our Lord. The Dark One uses some of us humans to hurt others. He tricks the weak and hurting. He targets those who are searching and gives them lies. Lies about how to make their pain go away. Lies about others in their life. Lies, lies, lies. And those lies lead to pain. Terrible, faith shaking, heart breaking pain.

So I will pray for those families who are hurting today. I will pray long and hard. And I will love on all the children I see today. And I will thank God, from the bottom of my heart, for His peace that passes understanding.


Ada said...

I will pray the same things.

Ogday in Montana said...

It could not have been said better. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Bless you for your comment

Bev said...

Thank you for your thoughtful, heartfelt comments. and thanks to Sunday's Huckleberries column, you now have a new devoted blog-follower. Your students are blessed to be on the receiving end of your talent.