Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blessed Sunday

I was blessed with a reminder this week. One that I needed. I was reminded to listen to the Spirit of God who lives in me. To listen to Him and act.

You see, sometimes I have these thoughts of things I need to do and sometimes I even write them down on my to-do list. And sometimes I don't do them even then. I think of doing them and plan on doing them and want to do them. But I don't for whatever reason. Usually these Spirit led thoughts are about other people. Thoughts that I need to call a certain person or send a card to someone who needs it. But then, somehow, times passes by and I don't do it and the thought and opportunity is gone.

The reminder this week came in the form of a sweet lady from church. One who has been on my heart and in my prayers and on my "send a card to" list for a long time. I have prayed for her and sent thoughts of peace and comfort her way. But I failed to send a note or card or even an email. I didn't think too much about it. Surely she was getting lots of love from those who are closer to her than I. Surely she didn't miss my one little card telling her I loved her and was praying for her. Besides, it's the thought that counts, right?

Well, this lady, the one who'd been on my heart, came to me this week with the worry that she'd done or said something that hurt my feelings. The time we'd spent together before had changed and since I'd seemed to have pulled away, she was worried. The pulling away wasn't intentional. Just changes in schedules and family needs. There were no problems. We love and cherish the friendships we have with this family and the others with whom we had mutually spent time. But, because I hadn't told her that, she thought that maybe the separation was her fault. But nothing could be further from the truth. I adore and respect her so, so much.

So here's where the reminder came in. Because, if on any one of the hundred occasions that I'd thought of her, I would have called or sent a card, her worry could have been alleviated. That's why I'd had those thoughts in the first place. During a time in her life when the last thing she needed was to be worried about me, she was. And the Spirit, who knows her thoughts as well as mine, was telling me to let her know I loved her so that her worry would be taken away. But even though I heard the Spirit's whispers, I didn't listen. I didn't act. And by ignoring the nudging guidance of the dear, sweet Spirit, I hurt someone else. Someone who I should have and could have encouraged with just a word. He knew. He told me. I didn't listen. I failed.

But hopefully, hopefully, this reminder will help me to be a better Spirit listener and to fail a little less in the future. And the next time I hear His whisper, I'll try with all my heart to not let the chance to obey pass me by.

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