Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Let me just say that there are 3 more days until Christmas vacation.

Tomorrow is Josh and Adam's class party so I should actually be preparing snacks* and wrapping their teacher's gift.

Thursday is the Christmas program which I am directing half of, so I have two more days to get four year olds to sit still and sing without doing something embarrassing in front of all the parents. (Actually, I hope at least a few do something embarrassing. Parents love that.)

Friday is the kindergarten class party. One word--CHAOS.

Saturday is vacation. Sweet, sweet vacation!

*Josh was chosen to bring a veggie snack to the party. He wasn't thrilled with that, so I got out my "Kid's Cookbook" to find something that he might be happy to take. He decided that we should make veggie bobbers. You cut a cherry tomato in half, put a slice of cucumber between the two halves, and hold it together with a skinny carrot stick. It looks just like the bobbers in his tackle box. He is now excited to take the veggie snack.


kathy said...

Hmmm, I got "juice boxes." I love no pressure when I'm already overloaded. And, please, let me ask you one more time, publicly: Please let Nate stand and I can almost guarantee you something interesting. I'll share the prize money with you...

Ada said...

The veggie bobber was totally a supermom moment. I'm proud to call you my sister. And I'm w/Kathy...please let Nate stand. (that way it won't be Aidan.) :)

Mariposa said...

Please take a picture of that veggie bobber if you can, I can't imagine it well...lol

Glad to know that Josh got his excitement back! Have fun!

Jen said...

Nate is standing. (See what I do for my friends.)

Aidan is sitting, but right in the middle so he could still get lots of attention.

The bobbers were a big hit. Josh said that they were the first things to go at the party. Mariposa, I'll try to make some more so that I can take a picture for you.

Katrina said...

Those bobbers sound so cute! I hope you're enjoying your next-to-the-last day of school! :D