Thursday, April 23, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 things about me that you might not know...

1. I don't like cucumbers.
2. I do like sugar on my mac and cheese.
3. I said (until I was 16) that I would never get married.
4. I always eat fries two at a time.
5. I try to make sure the two fries are the same size.
6. I lettered in high school.*
7. I got the third place prize for "Best Speaker" in my college speech class.
8. I graduated 17th out of a class of 317.
9. I once got a birthday card from Don Johnson from Miami Vice.**
10. I write stories in my head. (Now if I could just get them down on paper!)

*The first person to guess what I lettered in gets a prize!
**I'll have to blog about this soon.


Alyson said...

1. I also do not like cucumbers one of the very very few foods I don't like :)
6. I'm guessing band. And for extra credit I'll go ahead and guess you played the clarinet. (I'm cool enough to have lettered in band. Trumpet!)
9. I have 3 uncles named Don. One's last name is Johnson. So, you know, I've been to Don Johnson's house. :)

April said...

Sugar on your mac and cheese? I've never heard of that, but sounds good to me! I like mac and cheese and I like sugar!
Um....I guess choir, tennis, and softball?

Katrina said...

2. Sugar on mac and cheese? That is seriously twisted, my friend. But I love you.

6. Um, I'm going to guess track and field. Specifically, discus. Or maybe javelin. If it was javelin, you have excellent raw material for turning yourself into a superhero. You could call yourself the Pink Javelin and stop evildoers from a thousand yards away with your deadly accuracy.

9. I definitely want to hear this story!

kathy said...

no ums, if's, and's or but's. CHOIR. boldface. capital letters. i've sung with you before.

but april said it first.

and katrina's comment? let me remind you she had sushi and an oreo milkshake. twice. talk about seriously twisted....

Idaho Dad said...

ONLY two fries at a time?!?!? :)

Jen said...

Alyson, I wish I could play the clarinet, or any instrument for that matter. But, alas, I cannot.

April, I think the sugar on mac and cheese must be a family thing. I've never seen anyone else do it. And only try sugar on boxed mac and cheese, not the yummy homemade kind. And I did letter in choir, but never once picked up a tennis racket or softball in high school. I'll get your prize in the mail!

Katrina, I would only run if I were being chased, so track and field is out. But your discus/javelin comment totally made me laugh. I'll bring my card to show you. I still have it.

Kathy, Did you know I lettered in choir or is it just because of my angelic voice? :) And you get a prize, too, because I'm pretty sure you did know that there was no way I lettered in a sport!

Idaho Dad, I eat the whole box of fries, just two at a time over and over again. :)

MarmiteToasty said...

I LOVE cucumber, we be famous for our thinly sliced cucumber sandwishes :)


Jen said...

Marmie, I try cucumber every summer hoping that I will like it. I still don't. But I'm sure I would enjoy cucumber sandwiches with you! :)

Ada said...

1. cucumbers is one of the only veggies i will eat.
2. definitely a family thing.
4. you also make sure the fries are the same size.
9. how do i not know this?

Jen said...

Ada, I'm glad there was one that you didn't know. :)