Monday, April 20, 2009

Who Are You People?

I have this little stat counter thing on my blog that tells me how many people visit my blog each day, where each viewer is, how they found me, and lots of other information about my blog. Well, last week I had an average daily page view of 36 with the highest being 50. (Thanks for front paging me, Dave.) That might not seem like a lot in the world of a million page views, but to me it's something. But even with my staggering numbers of viewers, my weekly comment average was only 1.2. My question is, "Who are you people?" In an attempt to find out, I am going to have a giveaway. I've noticed that when other bloggers give stuff away, they get tons of comments. So I'm going to try it. Here's what you'll get if you win:

A sample of Avon Bubble Bath,

A tube of my favorite Avon lip balm,

A purse size Avon spring lotion,

along with a few other Avon surprises and a book from my extensive collection.
You don't even have to really comment. Just say "hi" and you might win a fun little Avon gift bag. I'll randomly choose three winners on Friday. Good luck! And thanks for stopping by.


Allison said...

Hello not so secret sister! This is great idea then you can really see who read your stuff. I was kind of thrown off a few months ago when I found out chris harlan reads my blog, and brenda didn't even know I had one. I just though it was funny. And who knows who else is reading my blog! This is great! I look forward to reading the comments and also seeing who reads your blog!even though the males may decide they don't want anyone to know they are reading it or that they don't want lotions. ha ha

Katrina said...

Oi, oi! (I've been trying to find places to slip British slang into my everyday speech, so just bear with me while I figure it out.)

Fun giveaway! And I'm pretty sure you already knew I read your blog (I'm the .2 comment, obviously.)

Alyson said...

Yay for Avon stuff! That's why you were the best Secret Sister ever; Avon Thank-you's! I have a stat counter too, but I never look closely at the stats. I'm afraid to because it would be yet another thing to obsess over and check 500 times a day! :)

JeanieSpokane said...

I read your posts all the time (again, thanks to Dave). I too see spikes in my blog attributable to the enthusiastic Dave. They come from all over the world!!! Germany, France, India and I don't even speak a foreign language except to do numbers in German and say Good Day.

MarmiteToasty said...

Hello Im new here LMFAO hahahahahahaha - oye its only me :)

I have one of them statcounter things on Twaddle... I wont tell you how many I get on there, but I aint quite sussed out who is who yet, but Im working on it..... its the ones that find ya by some strange way that makes me laff - google 'daft cow' and look who is third on the list LMFAO...

I love your blob and have for a long long time....

you are good peoples, as we would say..


Ada said...

good thinking sis...

Ashley said...

Hey Jen,

I'm a blurker and wanna-be-writer who works for the NIC Sentinel.

I've been reading you for forever and ever :) it just seems like I never have time to comment.

Have a great day :)

Idaho Dad said...

I'm a regular reader, as you know. We homeschoolers have to stick together!

kathy said...

hi, my name is kathy. i'm an aries and i like walks on the beach, sunsets and reading when i should be making dinner. tell katrina that i think her "british" slang sounds more yiddish to me.

Anonymous said...

You mean that each time my "Tell you in person whenever I see you, that I enjoy reading your blog" doesn't automatically add a click to your stat-o-meter?
Monica =)

chupacabra said...

Hey, found your blog thru marmite toasties blog.
I live in Texas

Jen said...

Allison, I've been surprised before, too, when I find out who reads my blog. I'm glad, though, because then I won't write anything embarrassing about them. :)

Katrina, I've noticed that since I've been reading Marmitoasty for so long, I sometimes use some of her words. And I can understand almost everything she writes now!

Alyson, I'm glad you liked the Avon. You were a great secret sister, too.

Jeanie, thanks for stopping by. I read your blog, too, and really enjoy it.

Marmie, Even your comments make me laugh! I get a lot of hits on my blog counter from kids doing research reports on butterflies. Maybe I should add some links for them. Always the teacher, you know!

Ada, If you want to add a stat counter to your wonderful, new blogs, just click on mine. It's free and easy.

Ashley, I'm so glad that you commented. I went to NIC in the early 90's. I wish I had been interested in writing then. I would have loved to work at the Sentinel.

Idaho Dad, You're one of the reasons we homeschool. I was always interested in your homeschooling adventures. Now I have a few of my own!

Kathy, nice to meet you. I bet you and I could be really great friends if we just spent a little time together. :)

Monica, I'm so glad that you read my blog. Your family holds a special place in my heart. And I think you have known me longer than any of my other readers (besides Ada, of course).

Chupacabra, thanks for stopping by from Texas. I'll have to visit your blog, too.