Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Things I've learned today...

Julianna thinks that when she is done eating, her leftovers go on the floor.

Little chunks of banana hitting the floor make more noise than you'd think.

The diaper I changed this morning was worse than the one daddy said was the worst one he'd ever seen...according to Adam.

Two little boys who are homeschooled will work twice as hard when they aren't allowed to watch tv, go outside, or play video games until school is done. (It only took me 147 days to learn this.)

You can bid on something on ebay and be instantly outbid. Don't these people have jobs?!?!

Julianna likes ketchup. Especially when she finds it on Adam's plate after lunch and no one notices her little hands in it until it's all over her, the floor, and daddy's chair.

Ketchup is hard to clean off daddy's chair.

You can reheat mac and cheese in the oven...when you have to because your microwave IS NOT working.


Alyson said...

#1-That's why we have little dogs. They're living, breathing, floor cleaner-uppers. :)

Katrina said...

For the ketchup, try Shout and cold water. It breaks up protein tomato. :D

Ada said...

This made my stomach a little queasy...banana, diapers, old ketchup. I'm so glad Abby is still on bottles.

kathy said...

call me. i'll explain the magic of ebay to you. (steve had to explain it to me so i wouldn't get so frustrated.)

MarmiteToasty said...

:) the ebay thing.. well ya can put an automatic highest bid in and not be near the computer and the computer bids for you if someone else bids lower then your highest bid :)......

I sold enough on ebay of me pre-school toys and equipment over the past couple of months, stuff that was just in boxes in the shed for 3 years, to order a $1200 little greenhouse (not from ebay though lol)... I LOVE ebay LOL and I could sell sand to the arabs on there :)


Jen said...

Alyson, I have to be reminded of that when I'm at someone's house who has a dog.

Katrina, Wow! Nice channeling of Martha Stewart.

Ada, you just wait. And the ketchup wasn't that old. Only a few minutes in fact.

Kathy, thanks. I think I need a little tutoring.

Marmie, I am getting together a bunch of stuff to sell. I'm just waiting until school is done so that I have time.