Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday

Not Me Monday was created by MckMama. You are supposed to write about things that you did NOT do (but you totally did) over the last week.

It was NOT ME who bought six really cool baskets at Sears that I really don't need but bought anyway because they were on clearance. (Who can pass up a $15 basket for only $2.50?!?!)

And it was not me who then went back the next day to buy two more baskets for my mom and sister for mother's day instead of giving them the ones I had already bought.

It was not me who suggested that since we were 15 minutes late for Bible class that we skip it and go to the park instead. And then it was not me who forgot a disk for my camera and had to run into Target before church to get one and made us get there just in the nick of time anyway.

It was not me who judged other mothers for the behavior of their daughters at an event I attended. I would never judge other mothers. No, not me. But if Julianna ever acts like that, I'll...

It was not me who let my sons have McDonald's ice cream cones for lunch on Saturday. Furthermore, it was not me who ate one, too.

It is not me who didn't yet tell the boys that we aren't homeschooling next year. Because it's not me who is afraid they will declare mutiny. And because it's not me who is dreading leaving my sweet daughter for only a few hours each day even though she will be with my sister and equally sweet niece.

It's not me who scheduled Adam and Julianna's birthday parties after declaring to my husband that I was planning them without trying to consult everyone about when they would be able to come like I did last year which did not cause me a huge headache. And it's not me who now feels guilty because some people can't make it to Julianna's very first birthday party.

And last, but not least, it was not me who let my adorable daughter crawl around wearing her pajamas like a cape because she wouldn't sit still long enough for me to get them all the way on. And then it was not me who laughed at her when she got her pajama leg stuck on the foot rest handle of the lazy boy when she tried to crawl between it and the end table. And I would never ever consider putting her back in that uncomfortable spot just so that I could take a picture. Nope, NOT ME!


Alyson said...

I'm glad I'm NOT the only mother who DOESN'T let her daughter wear her pajamas like a cape when she's to wiggly to finish putting them on.

And if I'm the mother you're NOT judging for the behavior of her daughter, I wouldn't blame you because it was NOT ME who let my daughter drop 99% of the food that crossed her path on the floor. (And I did NOT tip well out of guilt, rather than because of good service.)

And PS I did NOT skip Bible class either because I woke up late! :)

Love Mom said...

Um, about those clearance baskets...

I do not have about 10 baskets in my closet because they were on clearance and I HAD to not buy them without having a purpose for them (last year!). Hi; my name is LoveMom and I have an addiction to clearance items that MAY come in useful sometime, maybe, not really ever...Welcome to my club...

Ada said...

Dude I feel better now...Ty Pennington basket...I knew that had to be expensive.

Sparkz said...

I also love deals and am a sucker for them! Good job on the basket! Awesome! Thanks for visiting our blog. I am always curious to see who is visiting and how they found it. Thanks! We feel so blessed to have Nataga- a gift of God for sure. We think he is such a beautiful and handsome boy!

BTW- fun post. I enjoyed reading it! :)

Jen said...

Alyson, It wasn't you. :)

Love Mom, I always shop the clearance aisles first. You never know what you might find.

Ada, I didn't even realize it was a Ty basket. I just thought it was cute.

Sparkz, thanks for coming over. I love to visit your blog to see what's going on with Nataga.