Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cat Name Update

Last night, the boys had pretty much decided on Jack and Socks for the cat's names. Then Arrty mentioned that Jack sounds an awful lot like Jake, the dog's name. Adam agreed, so he started again to think of names since he had the job of naming the boy cat. This morning he asked me for ideas so I told him to think of book or movie characters that he liked and maybe that would help. Right away he thought of Luke (as in Skywalker). Then he said, "Luke and Leia. We should name them Luke and Leia!" I thought those names were perfect and told him so. He was very excited, but we still had to get the okay from the rest of the family. Arrty liked it, but Josh was reluctant. He was determined that the girl cat should be called Socks because she has white paws. We discussed it and he agreed, but not happily. I told him that we wanted everyone to be happy, so to just think it over. Arrty later reminded him that Luke and Leia in the Star Wars Movies were orphans and had to be adopted. Just like we had adopted the cats. Josh is very sentimental and family oriented and so that fact sealed it. He then happily agreed that Luke and Leia were perfect names.

So there you have it. Our cats are named Luke Jack and Leia Socks. (Yes, our cats have middle names.)


Katrina said...

Luke and Leia--I love it! What perfect names for a brother and sister cat. :) Great choice, guys!

April said...

I love the way Josh agreed to the cats names. And our pet also has a middle name....what else would you be able to yell when they are in trouble? Wyatt Malki-Shua.

Ada said...

While I am not a fan of the star wars/star trek (no,I do not know the difference)I do love the names. Sounds an awful lot like Luke and Laura (general hospital) and also Luke and Loreli (Gilmore Girls). Don't be surprised if I call Leia Rory for short. hee hee.

Idaho Dad said...

Awesome names! Our cats have middle names too. Basil Ratbone, and Milo Hairball.

MarmiteToasty said...

rolling me eyes LOL


Jen said...

Katrina, I like the names, too. They seem to be just right.

April, I never thought of the middle name thing for when they are in trouble. Of course they need middle names!

Ada, I thought of Luke and Laura, too. Even though I would never watch soap operas because that would totally go against dad's rules! :)

Idaho Dad, The names are perfect for our Star Wars loving family.

Marmie, I probably make you ROLL your eyes often. That's okay because you make me ROLL on the floor laughing! :)