Thursday, June 04, 2009

10 Things Thursday

10 places I've been in the last week...

1. in the presence of greatness
2. at the slowest restaurant on the face of the earth
3. to Costco...twice
4. at the center of the universe
5. 900 feet underground in a gold mine
6. in the oldest standing building in Idaho
7. panning for gold
8. hiking on Tubbs Hill
9. to Stickman's house
10. at peace


Allison said...

Speaking of #9... When my mom came and visited we went to see the stick man. Well after I blogged about it, the stickman commented on my post. Go check it out! I was super supprized! Am I famous now that I'm friends with him and he reads my blog?

Anonymous said...

Jen's visit was special of course, as it is for everytime she comes by. Today was very special indeed, as she had a group of very special kids and I realize everyday that the future looks bright. Thanks Allison for the comments, I enjoyed your visit as well. It's why I do what I do.

Anonymous said...

The Stickman of course. I always forget to say who I am.

Idaho Dad said...

Awesome field trips! Sure beats sitting in the classroom.

Ada said...

#1. Are you talking about me? too kind.
#3. please call me EVERY time you go. I might need something like formula or more importantly cream puffs. :)
#6. Sounds a little dangerous. Does dad know?
#7. Sounds fun. Does mom know?
#9. Can we take Aidan this summer? He would love it.
#10 so glad. so very glad.

Jen said...

Ada, of course, okay, yes, yes, absolutely, and thanks.

Anonymous said...

Ada: you would always be welcome at this humble abode, especially with children. Jen and her group was a great surprise for me, as I like her family very much and I always enjoy their visits. The Stickman