Tuesday, June 23, 2009


It's been a long week. Long and tiring. And busy.

It all started last Wednesday with Adam going into the hospital. He and I only got a few hours of sleep in that 24 hour period and have been trying to make up for it since.

Thursday we got home at about 1:00 and after a short nap, I took Josh to his first baseball practice. He was thrilled. And he did great. He is really looking forward to the season.

Friday was bike day with our church's children's ministry. It's the boys' favorite Fun Friday. Adam was disappointed because I wouldn't let him ride his bike. (Remember...surgery Wednesday night.) But he did ride his scooter some and had fun anyway.

Friday night was more much needed rest.

Saturday morning we went to a couple of garage sales looking for a used lawnmower. Didn't find one but came home with a pet carrier, a Little People dollhouse for Jules, 13 cd's for Arrty (Happy Father's Day to him!), and....two six week old kittens. Yes, I know, I am officially that lady with the cats.

Saturday night brought our first Summer Theater show. I was so looking forward to it. The show was Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I had never seen it before and loved it. What a great show! I love all the styles of music from rap (yes, rap) to country to Calypso. And as usual, the acting was great. I just love Summer Theater!

Sunday was church as usual and then lunch with my dad and my sister's family at Mackenzie River Pizza Company. It was good food but better company. Sunday evening was family time.

Yesterday I was trying to clean since our Bible study group was meeting at our house but I was still tired. I did get it done slowly but surely. We also went to visit Kathy's son Thomas in the hospital. (Mom, she's copying me!!) He has pneumonia. Yikes. Keep him in your prayers. And Kathy, too. She is so bored and they don't have good coffee at the espresso stand downstairs.

Last night I went to bed feeling bad and woke up feeling even worse. Some kind of 12 hour bug I guess. I'm thankfully feeling better now and getting ready to go to my parent's house to see my mom who's been on vacation for two weeks. Welcome home, Mom.

Phew!! Just reading that made me tired all over again. Maybe the next week will slow down. Maybe not. I'll just take a week without a trip to the hospital.

And if the cuteness factor at our house wasn't already high enough...


April said...

Hope you get completely rested soon!
What are the new cats' names? Please remember middle names as well!

Allison said...

please tell kathy, that i would come visit her at the hospital but if i did i would give her the flu. Patrick and I found out today when we were at the hospital that it is the most contagis flu, and we both have it! I don't want to give her or her family that!

Idaho Dad said...

Hi Jen, I'm just starting my own very long week, although I hope it doesn't include any hospital visits.

Hey, I just wanted to make sure the Outback card got to you okay. Let me know. Thanks!

kathy said...

you have an Outback card?

Allison said...

I sense that Kathy and I want to go to Outback!?

Allison said...

April wants to too, she just doesn't know it yet.