Saturday, June 13, 2009


I don't really have anything to say. I just wanted to post since it is now 3:36 AM. Julianna woke up about an hour ago coughing since she has a little cold and decided that it was time to play. She is now back in bed, but not sleeping and obviously neither am I. I'm off to rock her back to sleep. Hopefully. And get back to bed myself. I have an early morning meeting with Kathy...and the book man.


Ada said...

ohhhh, I'm sorry.

kathy said...

good day to spend together. for both of you lacking sleep, you both were fairly well behaved. loved shopping where treasures abound!

Sparkz said...

I had that morning Monday! :) Except K didn't have a cold... his daddy goes to work around that time so when he heard daddy get up he was up and then I was up. We went back to bed about 8 AM! I hope you were able to Sat. also.

Thanks for posting on my blog! I agree it would be nice to know what they are saying. It is so neat to hear them though!