Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Chain, chain, chain

For the last several years I have bought the kids these little cardboard advent calendars. You open one door each day to get a little piece of chocolate to count down the days until Christmas. They really liked them. But this year I didn't see them when I was shopping so didn't think to buy them. Until last night on my way home. But it was sort of a blizzard and I had a half an hour drive home so I wasn't stopping for anything. (Except a chai latte. My yummy new friend from Dutch Bros.) So last night as I lay in bed, I was thinking of how I could make my own advent calendar with treats each day. And I had a great idea. (Many of my great ideas come while I'm trying to fall asleep. Hmmm.) I thought that I could make a construction paper chain with numbers 1 through 24 on one side and a riddle or hint written on the inside leading the kids to somewhere in the house where their treats would be hidden. Fun. Free. (Because I have enough treats stashed in the pantry and at school to give 3 each day and not even notice.) Brilliant. So this afternoon while my students were having rest time and watching Toy Story (again), I made my chain. And much to my relief, I was able to think of 24 places to hide treats and 24 clever hints to lead to them. After dinner tonight, I introduced Josh, Adam, and Julianna to the chain. They loved the idea! Woohoo! Here it is.

And here's today's hint: Some people say I'm slow, but I can win a race even against a rabbit.

Any guesses?

The more links I added, the more excited I got about this little activity. (I also started making a list of the hiding places in order so that I didn't have to try to remember what I was thinking for day 22.) I hope it is as fun as it has started out to be. And I really hope I remember to hide the next day's treats every night.

By the way, this was today's mitzvah. My something special for someone special.


kathy said...

ewww! you hid their treats in the turtle cage?! hope they grab and eat the right "chocolate drop"!

(do i win a prize if my guess is right? i'll pass on the turtle "surprise", thanks)

Ada said...

turtle and the hare.
I think food near a turtle is groooooossssss.


Alyson said...

Chain of fooooools. Now that song is in my head!

I had a friend do something like that for me when I was in high school to count down to my birthday. What she did was take a really long piece of seran wrap and would put treats along the way, and then twist the wrap so that each treat was in it's own little section, then I could open one section each day. It was super fun! And I'm sure the addition of a riddle for each link makes it even that much more fun!

April said...

I love it! What a creative, fun activity to get everyone excited for the holiday season!

Jen said...

Kathy and Ada, the treats weren't actually IN the turtle cage! Who do you think I am? They were in a gift bag on the shelf BY the turtle cage.

Alyson, Good for you for getting the song reference. And the saran wrap idea is fun, too.

April, it was fun making it and might just become a new tradition.

kathy said...

word verification: moxedis, as in, "if you eat candy from a turtle cage you might contract moxedis."

Jen said...

Kathy, you are so hilarious. By the way, today's treats were in the towel closet. With the CLEAN towels.

Katrina said...

Love this idea! Do you use chocolates for all the treats, or other stuff as well?

Jen said...

Katrina, so far I've used a variety of candy, but I do plan to have a few other treats. I've been picking up stocking stuffers for several months now and have an abundance, so I will probably use those...books, little toys, etc.