Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30 in 30

This, my dear readers, is my 30th and final NABLOPO post. I did it! I actually posted every day during November. And it wasn't even as hard as I thought. Granted some of my posts were short and not in the least bit informative/entertaining/moving/brilliant. But there's always tomorrow.

Which, by the way, starts Mitzvah December. Here are the Mitzvah rules. Okay, so there are no rules. But here are a few things I do.

1. The mitzvah has to be something I wouldn't do already. My sister's birthday is December 21st so giving her a gift on that day doesn't count because I'd do that anyway. (Notice how I dropped that information in there, Ada?) Ditto for Christmas gifts.
2. The mitzvah should be planned ahead of time. But not so much that spontaneous mitzvahing is stifled.
3. The mitzvah should be meaningful. If I gave Kathy some tomatoes and a raspberry smoothie it would not be an act of kindness. Now coffee and chocolate. That would be a mitzvah for her.
4. The mitzvah should be explained when appropriate. I plan to do some anonymous mitzvahing, too.
5. The mitzvah should cost very little if anything. It's truly the thought that counts.

I can hardly wait to get started.

Have a terrific Tuesday and if you are in North Idaho, be careful out there in the winter weather.

Today's thanksgiving thought:

I am thankful for children's prayers. They are so honest and open and wonderfully full of faith and love when they talk to God. It makes me happy and I know it makes him happy, too.


kathy said...

mmmm, tomato raspberry smoothie (gak), sounds delicious (hork), can't wait to try it (blurp).

great job on blogging everyday! now, i know what katrina wants. what is your prize of choice?

Alyson said...

Yay for finishing!!! I had an easy time of it this year as well. And I spent so much time thinking of things to blog, that I could probably do it again in December. I think I need NaBloPoMo every year to revamp my blogging! :)