Monday, November 01, 2010


November is here and that means it's NABLOPOMO (National Blog Posting Month). During NABLOPOMO, bloggers who participate are asked to post everyday. That's 30 days straight. If you register your blog and post everyday, you are eligible for prizes. One year I won a $50 itunes gift card. It was great...once I figured out what itunes was.

I'm going to try it again this year. I'm very busy with work and kids and home and life, so some days might be just a word or two. Or maybe a picture or something I copy and paste. But my self imposed theme is "thanksgiving." Each day I will share something I'm thankful for. That will give me something to work from on those days when writer's block kicks in.

So be sure to check in every day. Who knows what you might find.

Today's "thanksgiving" thought:

I am ever so thankful that I can get up in the mornings and take care of myself and my children. There have been days that I couldn't. But today I could...and did. And was glad for it.

P.S. Do you like my Thanksgiving countdown clock? I LOVE Thanksgiving!

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kathy said...

i like thanksgiving. thanksgiving's my favorite.

word verification: wyapido. no idea what it means, but is an awesome onomatopoeia.