Sunday, November 07, 2010

Blessed Sunday

There are lots of little traditions that our family does on different occasions throughout the year. We watch the Peanuts holiday movies on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We follow the Irish tradition of putting candles in all our windows at Christmas. On Valentine's Day we go to the store, pick out cards for each other, read them and then put them back. On the first day that the temperature hits 70 after a long winter, we roll down the windows in the car and yell, "We love 70!" to any and all who care. On Christmas Eve, Arrty reads the Christmas story from one of the gospels after we get home from my folks' house where every year we eat West Virginia sandwiches and open one present containing new pajamas.

And on the day when the time changes and we "fall back" an hour, instead of sleeping in that extra hour, we get up at regular time and spend it going out for breakfast. So that's what we did today. Adam, Julianna, and I shared the Huevos Grande; a ham, bacon, and cheese omelet, home fries, and biscuits and gravy. It was grande. We all got full and still brought some home. It's really fun and like all those little traditions, it has become a blessing that creates memories for our family.


Allison said...

I like this post! I can't wait to have traditions of our own, right now its just whatever goes.

Patrick says we have traditions and then couldn't name any.

Katrina said...

Big breakfast on Daylight Savings day--that's an awesome idea! I cooked a big breakfast this morning, but I definitely prefer your tradition of going OUT for!

kathy said...

josh was BAD. he had to sit in the car instead of eating.

Jen said...

Allison, keep thinking. I bet you have some that you didn't think of yet.

Katrina, going out is better.

Kathy, he shouldn't have done that bad thing that he did. Just kidding. He was with Pappy and Grandma. Like you didn't already know that. By the way, Arrty ate, too. He had eggs over easy, home fries, sausage, and biscuits and gravy.

Ada said...

Um, it used to be donuts.